RENTALS:     Twin Lakes Cabin     &     UP North Cabin


Coming to Manistique on US2, turn north onto Chippewa Ave.  If you are coming from the west (i.e. Escanaba), Chippewa Ave. is the very first street you come to in Manistique; there’s a gas station at this intersection.  Turn left onto it.


If you are coming from the east (Mackinaw Bridge), Chippewa Ave. is the last street you see before leaving Manistique.  Before reaching there, you will pass lots of motels, some food places (Big Boy; Hardees), and you will cross over the Manistique River, continue past Burger King, then a gas station, and there is Chippewa Ave.  Turn right onto it.


Go to the end of Chippewa Ave. (it ends at Deer Street).  Turn left onto Deer Street and go 5 blocks to a blinking light at the intersection of Deer and 5th Streets.  (5th St. is also M94)  Turn right onto 5th St. and travel 2-3 blocks to the intersection of 5th Street and State Rd. (also called Co. Rd 440) on the left (not a 90 degree angle; more like “10” on a clock).  Turn left onto State Rd and drive straight up to the curve.  Do not go around the curve; instead stop for oncoming traffic and then cross the curve onto a dirt road going into the woods.  (See MAP below)    [* GPS directions below]


When you come out of the woods, there is a clearing.  Immediately to your right there is another dirt road which takes you to UP North Cabin.  Take it to go to that cabin.


For Twin Lakes Cabin, continue straight when you come out of the woods and then veer to the left.  (You can see this cabin off to the left as soon as you come out of the woods.)


You cannot see UP North Cabin from Twin Lakes Cabin (or vice versa) due to a manmade berm (for privacy). 

There is a minimal amount of traffic on the main part of the dirt road, so we suggest you keep the cabin locked whenever you leave it.


We own twenty acres to the left of the map.  The County snowmobile trail runs thru it, so there is easy access.


*GPS information:  There is no direct GPS directions to each cabin.  However, there IS a GPS address you can use to take you to the intersection of the paved road (State Road) and the dirt road which you turn on to and that locaton is:  477 N County Road 440, Manistique, MI 49854.  DO NOT go into that driveway.  Instead, cross the pavement onto the dirt road going into the woods.  Continue as spelled out above. 






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