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Welcome to our site.  We, the owners, are Allen and Mary Desjarden.  We have lived in this beautiful area just outside of Manistique, MI, for over fifty years. Allen has spent his entire life doing excavating work of all kinds. He began as a laborer following the construction work in Lower Michigan, and then became a member of the Operatoring Engineers Union.  He soon mastered all the heavy equipment and decided to start his own business. We bought 40 acres of land just outside of Manistique for a sand pit, and when he retired, he created two very deep man-made lakes, eventually building a cabin on each of them with a man-made berm between them for privacey.

Our cabins have everything . . . the beauty of the woods and lakes, the quiet and privacey of 40 acres, but also the convenience of being a quarter mile away from the city limits sign, and about two miles to downtown Manistique.  We believe this makes our cabins very unique.

However, there is one thing you should know about our cabins - it's bad news for some, and excellent news for others.  We do not furnish WiFi .  But anyone who has it through their phone, tablet, vehicle, etc. should not have a problem.  I have only heard of one person who had difficulty getting phone service here, and their server was "comcast".


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The Surrounding area

Things to see and do while visiting our area.


The surrounding area features hunting - berry picking - hiking - ice fishing - skiing - pasties - bird watching - fishing - mushroom hunting - sledding - 4 wheeling - golfing - star gazing - canoeing - waterfalls - boat tours - light houses - biking - smoked fish - maple syrup - fall colors - antique shops - boardwalk - swimming - camping - snowmobiling - cross country skiing - and Kewadin Casino, only six miles away from our cabins.  A snowmobile trail runs through our property and gives easy connections to all the U.P. trails.


The Manistique Boardwalk and River Walk extends 1.83 miles one way from the eastern city limits passing under the US-2 Bridge into the downtown district.  It extends along the Lake Michigan shoreline and has access to the light house, a sighing pier and a picnic area.  

Be sure to visit Palms Book State Park, also know as The Big Springs or Kitch-iti-kipe.  It is one of the most splendid natural attractions around . . . a real "must see!"  


For more information about the surrounding area, please go to the Manistique Tourism Council located on US2 next to Burger King.  See more at these links:  

The Upper Peninsula is a spectacular place, and I believe Manistique is a fantastic place to start from to take in all the wonders of this special peninsula.